Welcome to the Laze&Amaze experience!

Laze&Amaze is exactly what the name suggests…

Experience the extraordinary with our beauty treatments, harnessing the power of lasers and advanced technology to deliver truly amazing results. Uncover the magic of transformative beauty with Laze&Amaze

Whether it’s hugely popular laser hair removal treatments, hair removal machines, IPL skin enhancements, blemish removal, Fractional RF and HIFU anti-ageing, tattoo removal or SPMU correction, Laze&Amaze dazzles – see for yourself…

Laze&Amaze - About us - Diode laser hair removal machine
laze&amaze - medical grade laser hair removal machines

Laze&Amaze means amazing results for laser hair removal and many other treatments.  The results should be the first consideration of any machine being used to deliver a treatment.

Laze&Amaze suits businesses who have clients with…

Here’s the amazing things that Laze&Amaze can do for those clients…

Before and After

All of our pictures are genuinely taken after a few applications using machines in the Laze&Amaze range including laser hair removal – some amazing results, right?!

We are for businesses who want…

If this sounds like you and your business, and the description of clients up top sounds familiar too – Laze&Amaze could be for you!

Even though, Laze&Amaze firmly focuses on treatment results, it’s also important to understand the key to the Laze&Amaze success…

…it’s simple – that’s how you Laze&Amaze!

Customer Case Studies

Each treatment is an experience from Laze&Amaze is designed to offer…

…this is why Laze&Amaze is positively the right choice for you and your business when it comes to aesthetic, beauty technology, laser hair removal and all treatments!

Laze&Amaze Equipment

is for every salon and clinic owner…


Customisable skin rejuvenation treatments
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Premium laser hair removal machines
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Laser tattoo removal machine with Skin Rejuvenation treatments
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LiftMeUp Ultra

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Matrix PRO

professional facial machines
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Our laser hair removal equipment is for every salon and clinic owner…

Laze&Amaze is positively amazing for salons and clients – if you’re interested in being even more amazing than we know that you already are… just get in touch!

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