Laze&Amaze - About us - is all about you and your client…

At Laze&Amaze, our business ethos revolves around placing you and your clients at the forefront of our priorities.

We understand that in today’s dynamic business landscape, success hinges on the ability to create meaningful connections and deliver exceptional experiences.

That’s why, at every step, we tailor our services to cater specifically to your needs and those of your clients. From innovative solutions to personalised strategies, we are dedicated to ensuring that your business not only meets but exceeds expectations.

We are not just a provider; we’re your partners in success, committed to elevating your brand and fostering lasting relationships. With us, it’s not just business; it’s a collaborative journey towards unparalleled achievement.

Become Amazing With Laze&Amaze

You can get in touch to start or improve your journey in the beauty and aesthetic market.
Laze&Amaze - About us​

Laze&Amaze is straight to the point.

It’s all about the effectiveness of treatment.

  • Treatments that deliver exceptional results
  • Procedures that are fast, effective and easy to apply
  • Minimal downtime and programme length

Laze&Amaze is about giving you an experience which will be profitable and sustainable.

Laze&Amaze - About us​

Laze&Amaze is about accessing experience, knowledge & support

Navigating the realm of expertise at Laze&Amaze involves seamlessly accessing a spectrum of experiences, knowledge, and support, all facilitated by a team of seasoned professionals.

With Laze&Amaze, users find themselves effortlessly guided through a diverse range of equipment and treatments, gaining valuable insights and acquiring knowledge with ease.

This approach underscores the commitment to fostering a user experience where individuals can confidently explore, learn, and receive support from a proficient, dedicated and an experienced team.

Experienced Training

Senior training development officers with more than 10 years experience teaching with a wide range of aesthetic equipment.

Experienced Technicians

Senior technicians with more than 15 years experience building, maintaining, diagnostics and servicing lasers and aesthetic eqiupment.

Laze&Amaze is a company with principles

Embodying a strong sense of ethical conduct, Laze&Amaze operates with integrity and principle.

Firstly, our unwavering commitment to the client sets the foundation for all our interactions. Secondly, we prioritise ethical business practices, ensuring that every decision aligns with a moral compass.

Additionally, our dedication to fairness permeates every aspect of our operations, fostering a culture of trust.


Laze&Amaze is

Laze&Amaze is not

Finally, Laze&Amaze is

That little bit different from a diode laser hair removal supplier or aesthetic equipment provider.

You will not have random technical info and numbers that don’t mean a whole lot thrown at you to confuse you.

(Although, we know our equipment quite literally inside out, so if you want to talk tech, we can go on for hours!)

You will not get ‘branded’ names for standard features on lasers, like cooling systems called ‘ice tip’, ‘cool touch’ or ‘crystal freeze’, all modern lasers have cooling systems, they don’t need to be given names.

You will not be told unrealistic outcomes and timeframes for treatments to make them seem more appealing and get you to order a product.

We know our equipment, we know how it performs and we know that you’ll find out for yourself just how great the results are once you start using it.

We certainly aren’t going to be quoting laser hair removal in just three sessions like ‘you know who’, because we actually understand the science and know that it’s IMPOSSIBLE.

We aren’t going to call and email you night and day after we have our first chat with you.

We want you onboard with Laze&Amaze – but we prefer to start our relationship on the right foot – open, relaxed and positive.

That’s Laze&Amaze

Why Laze&Amaze is right for you

Whether you’re new to lasers and hi-tech treatments or you have years of experience, Laze&Amaze looks after you from day 1… guiding and supporting you in your journey to becoming…Laze&Amazing!

You can be just as amazing as all the other Lazers&Amazers who are out there right now, Lazing&Amazing their clients to a state of aesthetic satisfaction!

It’s really simple with Laze&Amaze, start your journey by getting in touch. Everything’s made to be positively simple, it starts with a chat so we can get to know you.

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