Matrix PRO

Radio Frequency Fractional Micro Needling

The Laze&Amaze experience makes it simple to be successful, by giving you a choice of great products.

Additionally, incredibly fast treatments and incredibly impressive results are delivered. Furthermore, tired, ageing skin and scars are transformed by the dual action Matrix PRO rf microneedling machine uk.

Moreover, delivering micro-needle collagen disruption and radio frequency collagen generation at the touch of its tip.

Consequently, depth controlled, gold plated needles deliver precision semi automated treatments. Also, guaranteeing consistent results, short treatment times and maximisation of client comfort, the ideal Micro needle RF experience!

Furthermore, targeted delivery of Radio Frequency deeper in the tissue improves the treatment, as well as reducing client downtime and tissue recovery.

Lastly, Matrix PRO disrupts, evens and smooths scars, stretch marks and fibrous collagen at the same time.

Matrix PRO rf microneedling machine uk

Before and After

First of all, all pictures are taken after a small number of applications using the Matrix PRO rf microneedling machine UK in the Laze&Amaze range. Some amazing results, right?!

Also, collagen boosting treatment produces remarkable results by addressing ageing, giving the client excellent skin rejuvenation. Furthermore, as collagen production increases, fine lines reduce, fostering a smoother, more youthful looking skin.

Moreover, the clients collagen levels improve along with skin texture, promoting a plumper, younger appearance. In addition, this brings a radiant glow, vital for maintaining skin hydration.

In conclusion, beyond surface changes, these treatments transform overall skin tone and vibrancy. Finally, clients gain confidence, witnessing an effective time reversal for a revitalised, youthful look.

Customer Case Studies

Laze&Amaze is positively amazing for salons and clients – Additionally, if you’re interested in being even more amazing with our Matrix PRO RF microneedling machine uk… just get in touch!​

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