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Laze&Amaze is all about an exceptional experience and reliable results – so let’s have a look at what Laze&Amaze users can experience.

Our customers consistently commend the exceptional quality of our equipment, service, and training.

Firstly, our cutting-edge equipment ensures optimal performance, enabling our customers to achieve their objectives seamlessly. Moreover, our attentive service ensures that any concerns or inquiries are promptly addressed, fostering a positive and supportive relationship.

Additionally, our comprehensive training programs empower our customers with the knowledge and skills necessary to maximize the utility of our offerings. Consequently, our integrated approach results in unparalleled satisfaction and success for our clientele, affirming our commitment to excellence.


Case Study

The real highlight with Laze&Amaze is the effectiveness and the speed of the treatment results…


Case Study

I did a lot of research before I equipped the clinic – I got to know the guys at Laze&Amaze…


Case Study

It’s been very, very, very good…I’ve been saying that to all the management team here…and I mean it!


Case Study

I’d worked with the Laze&Amaze ClearSkinGlow IPL system, which had been providing…


Case Study

I’d met and done some work with the Business Development Manager and Training Co-ordinator at…


Case Study

The hair removal results from the treatment are exceptional – and because of that…

Quotes from Harriet Case Study:

The real highlight with Laze&Amaze is the effectiveness and the speed of the treatment results.I’ve got 100% satisfaction from all my clients – I receive client feedback after treatment, which I then use to market treatments to my other clients or new clients.

So, incredible treatment results are obviously super important to me and my clients – but it’s also a massively valuable way that I build my business and my client base.

Every single client – as well as me as an operator, to be honest – ends in their treatment expectations being exceeded.

People can’t believe it.
That’s including clients who’ve had treatments with other lasers, including those big-name ones that you’d think would work well.
Every one of my clients has been blown away by the results from my laser.

This is what’s causing the word-of-mouth recommendations and why so many clients have come on board with me so soon – I hadn’t expected to get so busy so early!

It’s another 10/10 for my Account Handler, I get amazing customer service – we’ve built a strong relationship and he’s got an amazing depth of knowledge.

No question is too big or too small – he’s easy to ask anything, and then he’ll explain it simply but in depth.

He’s not really anything at all like a salesman – so I really like that!

Training was really great.  It’s incredibly thorough and offers you a great depth of knowledge.

I felt that I understood every single element – it made me feel very confident – which meant I really went for it with my laser treatments from the get-go!

Working on your own can be hard – especially when you’re working really hard and holding yourself to the highest standards.

To succeed, you’ll need support – it’s invaluable – Laze&Amaze are beyond wonderful at supporting you as a customer.

To be honest, I’m so happy and busy with the laser that I haven’t thought of anything beyond what I’m doing right now.

In my second month with Laze&Amaze I started making £5,500 per month form laser treatments – which was way beyond my wildest expectations.

I don’t need to rush into anything, because the laser is making me so much profit, I don’t need to think about it too much.
I am looking into the Laze&Amaze Matrix PRO fractional RF at the moment though – again because the treatment results I’ve seen are stunning.

Quotes from Aisha Case Study:

I did a lot of research before I equipped the clinic – I got to know the guys at Laze&Amaze, their product and services, before choosing to use them for all the treatments that we’d set our sights on. Everything fitted – the results from treatments are superb and reliable, the training and support is thorough and professional, the affordability versus profitability is exactly where it needs to be – they’re even a nice bunch of people to deal with!

Our goal is to offer the best level of laser treatments, but at pricing that’s realistic and fair for our clients. The combination of high quality and affordability offered by Laze&Amaze has driven us to deliver really high volumes of treatment, and to develop a huge (and happy!) nation-wide client base.

Because of demand and the volume of clients that we service, we need to operate our 2 lasers at up to 12 hours at a time. We wouldn’t have the time to deal with client’s complaints if results weren’t absolutely spot-on and we can’t afford to have downtime caused by poor quality equipment, as we’re always too busy. So, the PRO MAX was the obvious choice for us.

The results are great, clearly visible from the first treatment.  They’re consistent too – you can see the hair growth disappear, treatment after treatment.  The clients love it – when they look at the area and the hair is hardly growing back after a few goes.

I’m usually fully booked for my treatment time – most of our clients join us after being referred to us from existing clients – I worked out than on average each client refers another 2-3, so our treatment time is in high demand!

My hair removal clients really love it – because I’m properly trained to setup the laser.  In most cases I make sure that the treatment is pain-free, while still being just as effective.  They describe the treatment as being like a hot massage and find the hour-long treatment is time for them to relax.

It’s important to me and it’s important to them – a lot of them have had bad experiences with other laser treatments, it’s either hurt them or hasn’t worked at all.

the training was so thorough in the first place, I haven’t needed any extra support.  I know that it’s there if I need it though – I suppose that makes me feel confident and relaxed about really just going for it with the clients’ treatments.

I can do a full body – head-to-toe – in 40 minutes, there’s no messing about!  It took me around 60 minutes when I first started, and I’ve got quicker with experience.  I like to get things done well and be efficient, so it really suits me.

I also really like that it’s a premium quality treatment, but it’s affordable to my clients – it makes it inclusive, everyone can afford the best – and that keeps me busy with bookings too!

Quotes from Amy Case Study:

It’s been very, very, very good…I’ve been saying that to all the management team here…and I mean it!  There’s been no hassle, it’s been smooth – from info, to order, to training, delivery, to using it…it’s all been perfect.  Everyone at Laze&Amaze is so knowledgeable, it’s so easy with them to get it all completely right, every step of the way.

They absolutely all know what they’re on about.  We’ve dealt mainly with three people and each of them has been expert in their own area.  Our Business Development Manager has got years of experience and has been so easy to get along with, there was nothing that our Training Co-ordinator didn’t know and couldn’t tell us, and our Tech guy is a wizard with lasers!

This kind of level of service doesn’t happen nowadays, so it’s really pleasantly surprising.  I think it’s great – it’s the best company I’ve ever worked with.  It gives you real confidence.

We get great results from the first session – I think it’s amazing!  It’s very easy to use and operate – it’s as simple as it can be.  The equipment and treatment are high-quality.  We did a treatment on one of my legs, but not the other, as an experiment – the difference in the hair growth between the two is crazy!

Because the training and support are so thorough, it’s been really easy to have the confidence to just get on with it.  It’s easy to do and the results are great – so you don’t have any worries at all about just getting stuck in.  They even give you a starter pack, where they’ve thought of every last thing you need to just get on with it once you’ve had your machine delivered.  It’s all very slick.

Quotes from Emma Case Study:

I’d worked with the Laze&Amaze ClearSkinGlow IPL system, which had been providing great treatments.  I went for the ClearSkinGlow initially when I opened Meridiem Beauty because it was smaller and cost less, both things suited a new start business. 

The experience with Laze&Amaze has always been perfect, so I wouldn’t look anywhere else for equipment.  The HairNoMore PRO laser is that bit more powerful and focused, so as the business has taken off and grown, the upgrade from the ClearSkinGlow made sense. 

Treatment application and results are even better now than they were before. Everyone we’ve delivered laser treatments to has seen incredible results – the feedback has been 100% positive.  All body areas respond very well to treatment – particularly bikini and Hollywood treatments, which are our most popular laser treatments. The software is really user friendly, so even though it’s an advanced machine, it’s actually very, very straight forward to use.

I like the accuracy of the laser beam and handset, I always feel like I’m in control of the treatment and how I’m choosing to deliver it.  Again, with Bikini line treatments as our best seller, it’s important.

The settings are easy to use, and because the setup of the laser can be fully adjusted, I can alter it precisely to suit every client.  This is the only way to use a laser to make sure that you’re getting consistently good treatment efficacy across your range of clients.

It honestly is so simple to use and get great results from it.

With my medical work I use a lot of high-tech equipment…things like x-ray and scanning equipment in hospitals – but again the best tools are really good at their job, really effective – but need to be as simple as possible to operate.  That way it lets you have confidence and get the job done well without distractions or worrying.

Of course, proper training in how to operate equipment is essential – even if the machine is great, it’s no good if you don’t know what to do with it!

The training is a bit like the machine itself – it’s detailed but really straightforward.

We covered theory, which had a lot of similarities to Radiology, which I’m familiar with.  We covered physiology, anatomy, treatment application, consulting with your client…as well of course, using the laser to carry out treatments.

Everything was covered thoroughly, and it was pitched just right to be as useful as possible.

The trainer was great, I really felt like she was working with me as an individual, rather than just delivering a training course at me.

I’ve also got ongoing support from training – so if I’ve got any questions or need guidance I can just call.

The guys there are always so friendly and helpful – they always seem genuinely happy to help with anything.  I think they go above and beyond.

My account manager is great – he’s really experienced and knowledgeable, but friendly and down to earth too, his support has been amazing. the software on the machine runs its own checking system all the time, so it seems to be super reliable. The whole experience has been seamless and straight forward – I feel like I’ve got the right equipment and I’m dealing with the right people.

Quotes from Dawn Case Study:

I’d met and done some work with the Business Development Manager and Training Co-ordinator at Laze&Amaze before, so I knew that the standards of treatment, training and support were industry leading – which is where we always aim to be.

Everything about Laze&Amaze has been a positive.  We’ve used other suppliers in the past – with some of them the equipment and treatments have really lacked quality, with others it’s been very poor training and support or reliability – we wouldn’t entertain the idea of using them again.

Fortunately, with Laze&Amaze everything is just the way it should be.  Treatment results are excellent and reliable, treatment is easy to deliver, support is exceptional. The results are really very good – and that’s the main thing for everyone, it’s what matters at the end of the day.  The comfort levels of the treatments are good too – it’s an advantage if the clients are relaxed during treatment and it makes them more likely to carry on with treatment, and means they book in to have other areas done too.

The InkNoMore lets me correct unwanted or bad work that clients have otherwise been stuck with – I can then get on with doing work they’ll be totally satisfied with. Before I had the InkNoMore I had a system that just wouldn’t deliver good treatment and it would develop faults and breakdowns again and again – I really regrated working with that company.

I see excellent results with the InkNoMore on Makeup and Tattoos from the very first treatment – I love that it’s easy to setup and use, the treatment times are very fast too – which is good when your time’s always fully booked!

Our Business Development Manager is always great, easy to work with and very accommodating.  He’s knowledgeable and always on the end of the phone when I need him.

Our Laser Tech is great, he’s friendly and experienced – I like the way he’s very straightforward and thorough – and talks about laser and electronics so you can understand it all.

We’ve had a couple of different Training Co-ordinators, they’ve both been great.  One teaches in a way which uses lots of visual cues, which is great for me – as I’m a visual learner.  The other had loads of experience in operating and applying treatment applications, so a lot of knowledge – and able to answer any questions there and then.

The courses are thorough and well thought out, but easy to understand.  I like that all Laze&Amaze training is delivered in person, face-to-face.  The trend for online or video training nowadays definitely ends up in reduced quality training – that’ll end up meaning that the clients will not be receiving as good treatments, which can damage your reputation.

With Laze&Amaze we’ve always been provided with face-to-face, either onsite or at a training centre, and it’s reassuring that their support afterwards is quick-response – so if you need anything it’s easy…hassle-free.

Quotes from Ruth Case Study:

The hair removal results from the treatment are exceptional – and because of that we quickly built a large, loyal client base.  The fact that the treatments are very fast and painless is a total winner too.

The skin enhancement treatments really took us by surprise – both in terms of their popularity and how incredible the results are – stunning, even from the very first treatment! It’s been a total game-changer!

To fully realise the dream, I had to come up with a plan… …part of that plan was to be working with a professional supplier, who’s technology was focused on delivering exceptional treatment results, providing next level training and support, but who didn’t cost the absolute earth to get on board with.

Laze&Amaze fitted the bill perfectly on all counts – and well – the rest is history! I always wanted to work with a single, reliable and supportive supplier – so I was careful to find the right guys from the start.  We were blown away by the treatment results to be honest.  The treatments are really straight forward to apply, but the results are so dramatic.

We find that the quality of the treatments and the positive experience for the clients gives us quite a large catchment area – people are prepared to travel quite far to come to us

Skin improvements and anti-ageing are in such high demand – so anything that offers really good, lasting results from a small number of treatments is a 100% what clients are looking for.

We did 7 treatments with different clients in the first week alone, starting from the day after we completed the Matrix PRO training.

The quick treatments suit the clients, but it’s great for the clinic too – it makes it so easy to fit another really profitable treatment into a diary that’s already pretty much full.

Laze&Amaze is really reliable too – so again, as a business owner I don’t have to worry about dealing with equipment and tools or people that give me problems – everything works brilliantly with them – the whole experience has been smooth and easy, right from day one.

My account manager is great – he’s super knowledgeable and supportive, he really cares about us and our business.

We’ve all dealt with companies in our industry where they’re just out to get you to buy or get their commission out of you – Laze&Amaze are a massive relief from having to deal with those kinds of people.  It feels more like a partnership with them, where they’re invested in you being happy and successful.

Laze&Amaze has been great for me – the staff there have years of experience and they’re a fountain of knowledge – so as well as getting amazing equipment and training – their support and guidance has been brilliant for my understanding and professional development too – I’d say they’re a lot more than just your typical supplier.

I’ve had some issues with other suppliers in the past, where once you’ve got something from them, they’re not interested in you – with Laze&Amaze it’s been the total opposite way around! I really love the great results we get from treatments, the training and support is just what you’d wish for, the machines just work well without any issues, the people there are all great, the pricing is good so it’s profitable to use, the support and ongoing relationship is amazing…
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