IPL Hair Removal and Skin Enhancement

The Laze&Amaze experience makes it simple to be successful, by giving you a choice of great products…

If it’s ‘one machine – all the treatments’ that floats your boat, then here’s the Laze&Amaze ClearSkinGlow…

ClearSkinGlow is a multi-application IPL, offering you everything from hair removal to photo-facial to vascular blemish and melanin pigmentation lightening – what more could you want or need?!

Slide-n-Swap light filters make it precise, by using only the correct wavelength of light need for each individual treatment – application is much like using laser.

Add an ice-cold tip, for cool, comfortable client experiences and simple-to-set software – no wonder the ClearSkinGlow is a top option!

Before and After

All pictures are genuinely taken after a small number of applications using machines in the Laze&Amaze range – some amazing results, right?!

Customer Case Studies

Laze&Amaze is positively amazing for salons and clients – if you’re interested in being even more amazing than we know that you already are… just get in touch!

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