Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

The Laze&Amaze experience makes it simple to be successful, by giving you a choice of great products.

Additionally, Laze&Amaze’s HairNoMore line is made up of high-quality lasers, used to remove unwanted hair.

Moreover, diode laser hair removal has revolutionized cosmetic treatments, offering individuals a safe, effective, and long-term solution to unwanted hair.

Our machines harness the power of concentrated light beams emitted by semiconductor diodes. Furthermore, through this innovative technique, they precisely target hair follicles, disrupting their growth cycle and ultimately leading to permanent hair reduction.

With minimal downtime and lasting outcomes, diode laser hair removal stands as a cutting-edge solution. Moreover, it offers the convenience and confidence of smoother skin without the hassle of daily maintenance.

HairNoMore - PRO MAX - Diode laser hair removal machine

Medical Grade – Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Finally, the top of the Laze&Amaze HairNoMore range is the mighty PRO MAX – everything about this model makes it the premium choice.

Our innovative copper-coil cooling system is married up to a more powerful and uprated laser chamber, resulting in a huge 50% increase in laser output!

PRO MAX diode laser is the choice for the laser hair removal connoisseur or the power-user – where nothing short of the ultimate Laze&Amaze experience will do!

HairNoMore - PRO - Diode hair removal laser machine

Professional Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

HairNoMore PRO is the most popular choice of Laze&Amaze equipment – why wouldn’t it be when it offers the perfect balance of power, performance, and affordability?!

Moreover, utilizing the same laser chamber and components as the smaller QUBE, it adds a much more powerful copper-coil cooling system into the mix – so hour-after-hour of hair removal lasering won’t faze this workhorse!

HairNoMore - QUBE - diode laser hair removal machine

Portable Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

HairNoMore QUBE diode laser hair removal machine is small in size but delivers big on results!

Using the same laser chamber as its bigger brother the PRO, treatment results aren’t compromised here.

Furthermore, the QUBE is perfect when portability or space-saving is essential – the QUBE is your go-to choice!

Before and After

All pictures are genuinely taken after a small number of applications using diode laser hair removal machine in the Laze&Amaze range – yielding some amazing results, right?!

Customer Case Studies

New for ’22!

Laze&Amaze now offers a budget-friendly HairNoMore diode laser hair removal machine range. All models are now available with a MAC laser set instead of the MIC Premium set, usually used in Laze&Amaze.

Additionally, this more basic Laze&Amaze (typically called Triple Wavelength) is a lower quality laser that has become popular in the UK.

While these Triple Wave Diode MAC type lasers will not be quite as amazing an experience as the standard Laze&Amaze.

We want Laze&Amaze to be brilliant for individuals, we’re giving you the choice of how amazing you want to be!

(*All Laze&Amaze HairNoMore results pictures show results from the standard Laze&Amaze experience, using MIC Premium lasing).

Laze&Amaze is positively amazing for salons and clients – if you’re interested in being even more amazing than we know that you already are… just get in touch!

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