Finance and Funding

The funding and financing of Laze&Amaze is simple and straightforward – the aim is to get the best option (or even combination of options) set up for you, so you can get on quickly and easily with being…Lazing&Amazing!

Some Lazers&Amazers self-fund, using their own finances to fund their Laze&Amaze experience…it’s a case of choosing the right Laze&Amaze option for you, paying a deposit and then a balance payment once you’re setup with your Laze&Amaze!

All done in one simple step!

Other Lazers&Amazers use payment plans, where there may or may not be a deposit to pay…you then make regular payments over the course of the plan once you’re Lazing&Amazing!

The payment is a fixed overhead, like paying a member of staff – in a lot of cases a single Laze&Amaze treatment price can cover a whole month’s payment!

Last of all, the Quick-Start Plan is a good choice for some Lazers&Amazers…it’s a Rent-2-Buy plan…you pay a deposit and then you have a rental plan for a fixed number of months…but if you want to cancel the plan (who would want to stop being Amazing?!) you can at any point!

The Quick-Start gives the advantages of renting, at the same times as some of the advantages of a payment plan.

The costs of being Lazing&Amazing can vary depending on things like which treatments you’re going to be using and how many Lazers&Amazers you’re going to have trained…to work out the best options for your needs, at the best costs…contact Laze&Amaze to chat to an experienced, helpful assistant – they’ll create a Laze&Amaze option best suited to you and give you a quote.

Everything Laze&Amaze comes with the very best training and support, from staff who’ve got years of experience and expertise…

Laze&Amaze is positively amazing for salons and clients – if you’re interested in being even more amazing than we know that you already are… just get in touch!

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