Diode Machine Service Pack – V4


This diode water service pack contains 2L of double de-ionised and distilled water, a replacement de-ionisation filter and a particle sediment filter.

We will walk you through the simple process of changing our these filters on your machine.

Dependant equipment use, you should replace these filters every 3-6 months. If you are unsure if your filters & water need replacing then please contact us and we can advise you.


 Diode Machine Service Pack – V4 – Attributes:



  • Hair No More – Diode Machine – Laze&Amaze
  • Infinity Diode – High Profile Technologies


De-ionised water filter

De-ionized filters play a crucial role in enhancing the performance and reliability of diode lasers. Firstly, these filters effectively eliminate impurities from the cooling fluid, ensuring a clean and controlled environment for the diode laser to operate.

Additionally, de-ionized filters contribute to the stability of the laser system by preventing the build up of mineral deposits and scale that could otherwise compromise the efficiency of heat dissipation.

Moreover, these filters facilitate a consistent temperature within the laser, reducing thermal fluctuations that can adversely affect diode performance.

The use of deionized filter in our diode machine service pack represents a pivotal step in optimising the parameters.


Sediment particle water filter

Sediment filters play a pivotal role in the effective functioning of diode lasers through several key mechanisms.

Firstly, these filters act as robust barriers, preventing the entry of solid particles and contaminants into the laser cooling system. By doing so, sediment filters help maintain the integrity of the cooling fluid, ensuring a clean and particle free environment crucial for optimal diode laser performance.

Additionally, these filters contribute to the longevity of the diode by reducing the risk of abrasive damage caused by sedimentation.
Furthermore, sediment filters facilitate consistent and uninterrupted coolant flow, preventing clogs and blockages that could impede the laser’s efficiency.

In essence, the strategic incorporation of sediment filters in the diode machine service pack proves essential in safeguarding the reliability and precision of diode lasers.


IPL & Diode cooling liquid

The use of high quality water in diode lasers is paramount for optimal performance.

Firstly, purified water such as our double deionised distilled water, helps eliminate impurities that could otherwise interfere with the laser’s components.

Moreover, high quality water serves as an efficient coolant, effectively dissipating heat generated during the laser’s operation. This, in turn, prevents over heating and promotes stable temperature conditions within the laser system. Purified water minimizes the risk of mineral deposits, which could compromise the efficiency of heat transfer and overall laser performance.

Furthermore, the use of quality water contributes to the prevention of corrosion and damage to sensitive laser components, enhancing the system’s durability and reliability.

In summary, the incorporation of quality water in diode lasers is instrumental in optimising their functionality and prolonging their operational life.


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