Quick Start Plan - rent-to-buy salon equipment

Zero Commitment Rent-to-Buy Salon Equipment.

Top Quality Laser Treatments & Training

Want to offer new industry leading beauty treatments, with excellent results, low costs and high profits?

We give you the chance to level up your salon or clinic by adding new services without risk, or without you having to sign a payment contract that locks you in for anything up to the next 5 years.

New Quick Start Plan rent-to-buy salon equipment allows you to deliver professional high-demand, high-satisfaction treatments to your clients.

This plan allows you to break into the world of premium laser and technology-based treatments – without the risk of making a mistake or getting stuck in a long payment contract that you might find you no longer need or want later on.

There’s no need for lengthy credit checks or any long-term commitment to payments.

Unlike other manufacturers and suppliers, Laze&Amaze looks at the situation through your eyes – overheads are up, so you’ll want the latest high-demand and high-profit treatments to carry on succeeding, but you want to remain flexible so that you can change your mind if you need to.

We designed this plan to give you a quick, easy & worry-free way to get onboard with some of the best equipment in the marketplace.

Deliver the most in demand and profitable treatments, with a Plan designed to give you the flexibility of month-to-month rental. You also get the benefit of ownership, if you decide that’s what you want.

You’ll be trained and be treating clients with the latest, greatest laser and skin enhancement technology – treatments with a proven track record of exceptional results, client satisfaction and profitability.

The Quick Start Plan rent-to-buy salon equipment is simple to set up and covers all Laze&Amaze treatment systems…

After an initial payment, Quick Start plans begin at just £65 a week, if you keep renting for 36 months in a row, the Laze&Amaze equipment is yours to keep forever!

If you decide at any point that Laze&Amaze isn’t for you – just return the equipment – no further payments or obligations.

Laze&Amaze is here to give you the smoothest start to levelling up your beauty business.

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