64 Needle Radio Frequency Cartridge


Elevate your microneedling results with our premium Radio Frequency Needle Cartridge.

Engineered for precision, safety, and durability, our high-quality tips ensure optimal collagen stimulation and skin rejuvenation.

Achieve superior outcomes and client satisfaction with every treatment.

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64 Needle Radio Frequency Cartridge – Technical Parameters:

  • Radio Frequency Cartridge Frequency: 1MHz
  • Top Energy: 35W
  • Tip Size: 28x28mm
  • Needles: 64
  • Depth: 0.5-4.5mm
  • Trigger: Suction Activated



  • Matrix PRO – Laze&Amaze
  • 3D Dermaforce – 3D Aesthetics
  • RF2021 – ADSS
  • ProDerma+ – PureSkin
  • Contour Derma II – Contour Group



The 64 Needle Radio Frequency Cartridge is held in the highest regard in ensuring safety and overall success. We also call our tips cartridges, needle heads, or simply tips.

We design our tips to prioritize hygiene, sharpness, and durability. This ensures uniform micro needle penetration into the skin with minimal damage, promoting a professional treatment experience and delivering amazing treatment outcomes.

Precision in microneedling is vital for delivering optimal results. Quality tips with sharp, fine needles contribute to controlled and accurate punctures, promoting collagen stimulation and enhancing the treatment results. Inferior tips may lead to uneven needle penetration, causing discomfort for the client, adverse reactions and potentially compromising the effectiveness of the treatment.

Moreover, the safety of the 64 Needle Radio Frequency Cartridge procedure is closely tied to the quality of our tips. We manufacture our 36 needle reliable tips using skin friendly materials, which helps reduce the risk of adverse reactions or infections, making sure of a safer and more comfortable experience. These cartridges meet strict hygiene standards, giving you comfort that your investment in a high quality product for a safer and more confident treatment experience with assured results.

A quality Radio Frequency Cartridge like the ones we provide for a fractional micro-needle machine is crucial, emphasizing its significance. These tips are central to the success of the treatment, safety, and durability. Investing in quality tips enhances the therapist’s ability to deliver effective treatments which contribute to the overall satisfaction and well being of the clients treatment.


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